Events in nature through the withdrawal of man

Photos of Venice’s channels and an unusual sight are currently circulating on various social media. The water is crystal clear, in some pictures you can even see fish.
Venice’s canals are a clear example of how quickly nature can recover after no human influence. Without whirled up sand, sewage and other dirt, the water returns to an astonishing quality that should serve as a monument to us, which influence our mass tourism has on various areas of the world.

Dolphins are returning to Trieste

The effects of curfews on nature can also be seen near the port city of Trieste. A few days ago, a video went online showing a dolphin playing in the harbor. Because there are no more ships, the animals can now even go up to the quay walls.

Stanford University study

A new study by Stanford University is also said to show that quarantine measures in China have led to reduced air pollution. This not only has advantages for nature. According to the scientist Marshall Burke, the drastic restrictions resulting from the coronavirus outbreak in the past two months have probably saved the lives of “4,000 children younger than 5 years old and 73,000 adults over the age of 70”. “By reducing pollution, lives saved about 20 times the number of lives directly lost by the virus,” Burke writes using the March 8 statistics.