Everyone is equal before the Creator, why don’t many people see it that way?

Who is Bridge Creation and what are we up to

We look behind the scenes and build bridges with people who feel an urge to change. Do you think today’s world events do not fit your ethical objectives? Then you are exactly right with us. We have set ourselves the goal of educating people and helping with love and mindfulness. We invest a lot of time in investigative research to strive for possible changes. For this we need people who think or are open minded, who notice that there are just too many people alone today. Have we ever considered why so many animals have to suffer? What about nature What world do we want to leave behind? We live in a very fast world and lose track of ourselves and what is happening. Do you also see that there are many good ideas and lone warriors? Why don’t we stick together?
It is not important to us where you come from, what skin color you have or which religion is important to you. We are also not interested in your school education or your professional career. The only thing that counts for us is people and their deeds. Everyone is worth the same to us and we don’t measure you by your past. Let us shape the future together and have courage.
We are planning several events in which a different exchange will take place and every opinion counts. We not only listen, we also perceive you and appreciate your opinion.
We are looking for any kind of people who are interested in a different worldview. Would you like to help? Then you are exactly right. Because with us, every opinion counts.
If only one of the following questions applies to you, please write to us
Are you interested in politics? Then you are correct
Are you interested in animal welfare? Then you are correct
Are you interested in alternative nutrition methods? Then you are correct
Are you interested in nature conservation? Then you are correct
Are you interested in social systems? Then you are correct
Do you want to live in a better partnership? Then you are correct
Are there any scandals that affect you? Then you are correct
Are you having trouble getting your feet on the floor in this world? Then you are correct.
Do you sometimes feel strange or misunderstood in the world? Then you are correct
We are happy about every person who thinks differently and wants to look for a different way.
Do not hesitate to contact us. We do not charge membership fees and do not expect anything.
thank you for your trust