Love for yourself and your surroundings

How do we manage to love ourselves and our surroundings? Are we still going through life with care or do we hope that nothing happens to us? What does true humanity and love for creation mean? Do we still see and hear? What does seeing right mean?
Do we still believe in ourselves or love?
How do we find ourselves and our true identity?
Do we see our habits? How can we change them to make us happier?
At the same time, our behavioral patterns impose their own restrictions and can be cultivated through careful observation and the accompanying control.
Does the sentence help us: “I learned from my experience” actually?
Let’s be a kid again and trust humanity.
How can we learn to deal with each other again and also to pay attention to our surroundings
When did we start giving up? Let’s just see everything as normal or natural
Everyone is equal before the Creator, why don’t people see it that way?
We should always keep in mind that it is not man who is bad, but his pre-made thoughts through conditioning.