Have we ever thought about where the leather comes from our belt, shoes, coat, the leather interior of our car or our leather sofa?

Where does the wool in our clothes come from? Sheep are torturously sheared and cut and beaten in a life-threatening way.

Can we really live with that? Are we not connected to all animals?

Where do we get the food for feeding animals? Do we know that cheaply cultivated soy is used in the rainforest and that we are deforesting important habitat? Is this really worth our excessive meat and milk consumption?

How do the cows whose milk we drink live? Why does the cow give milk? What makes it pregnant?

Have we ever dealt with intensive animal husbandry? Where do our eggs come from supermarkets? Do the chickens and roosters live happily together?

Have we ever thought about where what we eat comes from and what medication the animal has received before?