The advantages of a society are that the individual feels accepted and integrated. The society gives us a feeling of security, the individual does not need to think for himself, the institution assumes responsibility to the outside world, conveys beliefs which – the more often one hears them – are readily accepted as truth. This spills over into our own perception. By spilling over one’s own perception, the individual is more and more the product of the outside world, and it no longer even notices that he no longer has an opinion of his own, but all too often holds the opinion that was given to him and chewed out in advance.

This uprooted humanity sees itself separated from nature, does not try to recognize, but to suppress. The dream of this uprooted humanity is to put its own claims to power in the foreground. This results in the most diverse power systems, which have made “maintaining power” their main task. This requires a tight organization, which immediately tries to nip in the bud any thought of renewal that is not in its meaning.

This society, which now offers itself to this critical observation, strives to bring its thoughts to the people as if everything it propagates was the absolute, the only true, the only right thing. The institutions, of course, know exactly how to make people compliant for their own purposes. So it is easy, wherever possible, to bring fear into play. A little bit of fear and the dependent person dances to the music you play for him…

We have three ways to act wisely: