The stories of extraordinary people

The stories of extraordinary people show:

It is quite possible to be successful differently. It is by no means impossible to evade competition and the socially prescribed logic of comparison – which naturally raises the question: Why do most people fail to make themselves independent in their heads and lives? Why do we let ourselves be voluntarily beaten by the comparative torture for many years or even a lifetime, even though it only leads to uniformity? Why are we doing this to ourselves? Why do we rarely ask ourselves: Do I need this?
The answer is: the power of the social group. Social influences are strong – it is not easy to escape from this trap. Most people are not even aware that they live the lives of others. Everywhere we are surrounded by people and companies, all chasing the same golden calf. Escaping the all-encompassing antisocial competition requires a lot of willpower – in the stressful everyday life more an additional burden than a relief …
But it’s possible.

Be worth it to be what you are!