The only comparison that counts

The only comparison that counts

In truth, there is only one person in the world with whom each of us competes: WE ARE! Success is the path from what we let ourselves be made into in the rat race of comparison, to who we could be if there were no standards of comparison. Ultimately, being “successful” is as unimportant as being “different”. We do not have to be the best; but we can be incomparable.

The only thing that counts is: to overcome ourselves every day. This includes overcoming the sum of the imprints that slow us down – and at the same time gratefully accepting those that strengthen us.

But for this, one must first accept oneself – beyond all comparisons. This is perhaps uncomfortable – because it means throwing all standards to the wind. To leave the comparative ego behind; to no longer take one’s own “important ego” and those of others so seriously.

Nobody taught us this, but if we succeed: FREEDOM – inner and outer!

Do not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others.

It is the differences that make us unique and show us how special we are!