Relationships with other people are important.

But they are not the most important thing in your life.
The most important thing is you and your relationship with yourself. How you feel and how you live in your life does not primarily depend on what you do within a relationship, but what the relationship does with you and how you do with it get around.

Constraints, self-reproach. Endless loops of thought. Negative emotional chains. Performance pressure. Feelings of loneliness or inferiority. Feelings of being rejected. Despair. Anger. Accusations. Feelings of guilt. Unfulfilledness. Unfulfilled longings. Constant doubts and self-doubts …
All of this is not your true nature. You know that because you’ve thought about it a lot and wondered why you have to experience it, even though you’re “actually not like that”. You are correct with your guess. You only experience the effects of subconscious patterns that, like small programs, generate all of these unsightly thoughts and feelings. Your relationship partner feels this. He reacts to it and his own inner patterns and programs spring up. And then you experience that part of the connection between you that is “not love”.
The path of inner liberation is not about getting rid of this relationship or that person. It is about getting rid of the constraints and patterns that are triggered by a special relationship or by relationships in general.
Not that you are alone in the end, but so that you can experience a whole new quality of being with others and with yourself in the future.