Love and relationship

First comes love.
Then the relationship arises.
Love follows completely different laws than the relationship.
Relationship includes actions and desires that lead to counter-actions and desires. Sometimes unconsciously and unnoticed.
Where love wouldn’t ask for anything, a relationship wants something.
Where love would only like to hug, a relationship reflex fends off something. A desire for a relationship often wants to see what love just wants to be there.
Love is never the problem.
What causes discontent and difficulties in partnerships and relationships is always the part that is not love. This part of each of us consists of what is called “hidden patterns of the subconscious”.
These hidden processes and powers are revealed when we look at the partner and his behavior like a mirror, by showing reactions, words and feelings that have to do with yourself in a very specific way … by changing yourself you also change what you experience in the mirror. Even the oldest and most deeply hidden patterns react immediately when you discover and see through them. Old, automatic processes lose their power and dissolve.
Then comes what most people long for:
Love as the greatest and most connecting force in the partnership … SELF LOVE as the greatest and most liberating force in yourself ..