From patriarchy to matriarchy

We are entering a phase of history in which we are going from patriarchy to matriarchy. From rigid constraints to the river, from the dominance of the masculine to the balance of the masculine and feminine. A time in which authenticity no longer has a chance. Gone are the days when we were rewarded for being good boys and girls. Just because we patiently endured everything, served our time and lived the life of Lemmingen.
Perhaps you have already noticed this in your own life. Friendships that you thought would break forever Relationships that you still cling to are just hanging by a thread. Day after day it is harder for you to appear at work that does not fill your heart. Perhaps it is no longer possible for you to put on a happy face and pretend to the others all day or pretend that you care about things that you really don’t care about.
Playing something is tedious and exhausted.
Life blocks us to bring us back to the most genuine, fluent version of ourselves. We are shaken in our foundations so that only those parts of us that originate in our authenticity survive. Relationships, jobs, friendships and things that we took for granted no longer exist.
This can be painful – these are mostly changes. Especially when these changes make the foundation crumble under our feet. If the ground is pulled from under our feet, many of us have no choice but to take root somewhere else. Somewhere the earth is fertile and the view is beautiful.
The more we resist the tides of change, the harder it gets. The tectonic plates of our lives continue to shake until we loosen our grip, let go of the reins, throw our hands in the air and shout: “I surrender!”
Only then can you ask your soul to take the lead.