The delicate plant consciousness

Consciousness is like a seed that is beginning to germinate. However, this requires a fertile soil, the soil must be available. This is equivalent to our willingness to continue developing. Only when we are open inside and ready to discover new things and to allow them with joy will our consciousness increase. It is a delicate plant that needs to be nurtured and cared for. Every single step should be done carefully and wisely. Then the tender plant becomes a sturdy tree that opens its branches and twigs to the sky. Ready for the light and the fruits of knowledge.
Consciousness means understanding and recognizing yourself, then you also get to know and understand your body. You learn to pay attention to and understand your feelings. You pay attention to your thoughts but also to the signals from your body. Body awareness arises. You develop an overall consciousness more and more, an awareness of your fellow human beings, of nature, of the divine.
You develop self-confidence. Without self-confidence you cannot understand yourself or anyone else. It is only through self-confidence that you are able to accept different thinkers and different perspectives.
Awareness has nothing to do with education or intelligence, but with knowledge. Knowledge is an inner process. You cannot study this process or learn it in seminars. There are children of preschool age who tend not to act in a certain way due to external influences, but rather through inner feelings. They have an inner relationship to people, animals, plants, things. They don’t see the world as a threat or a danger, but as a playground. These children often have difficulties at school because they are unfocused and inattentive, they live in their ideal world. But this ideal world is suddenly destroyed by regulations, beliefs and “education”.
Rational intelligence is seen as the most important thing in life. Our education system does not see that there are children alongside the rationalists who, on an intuitive level, have completely different approaches to a consciousness beyond the visible and explainable. Promoting these children more would be one of the most important tasks of our educational system. It cannot be the task of education to create rationalists and materialists, in short existences, who are unaware of their origin.