How we can make a change

Do we actually work with ourselves or are we just trying to change our environment?
Shouldn’t we start with ourselves first and do we learn to be ourselves?
When was the last time we were with us? Do we observe familiar patterns of thinking and behavior?
Do we avoid people or situations that are not always good for us or do we constantly expose ourselves to them?
Why do we hold on to behavioral patterns or dependencies and do not notice when we are harming ourselves?
Do we notice when our ego is hurt?
What is the ego, i.e. the self I created?
Can we still see why we are actually hurt?
Only those who take themselves to court can actually free themselves from their suffering and look happier into the future. Do we want to let go of our habits and related dependencies?
Or do we stick to the repetitive pattern?
Patterns are structures and equate to borders in consciousness. Are we striving for money and power? Do we want to control our partner and show why he shouldn’t deal with us like this and take the wrong cards?